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Motion controller for CANopen

The N5/NP5 motor controllers by Nanotec (Germany) are for CANopen or EtherCAT systems. They are programmable and suitable for both BLDC and stepper motors.

THIS GENERATION OF MOTOR CONTROLLERS will be the platform for all future Nanotec motor controllers. The control architecture is the same, regardless of whether the selected motor is a BLDC or stepper motor. The controller supports closed-loop field-oriented control. It has an input for 24-V encoders, and can be used to actuate hall sensors and a holding brake. In total, the motor controller features six digital inputs, two analog inputs and two digital outputs. For parameterization purposes, the company provides the platform-independent NanoIP software free of charge. A PC is connected via Ethernet using a Rest protocol. In addition, the controller can also be used to create distributed drive solutions. With the assistance of the NanoJ software, which is also free of charge, programs can be created and uploaded that are running independently of the master PLC. The speed of the software was increased to the point where the response to time-critical signals occurs within 2 ms.

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