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Multi-axes stepper motor with CAN

Phytron (Germany) introduced its stepper motor controller called Phymotion. It is a programmable motion controller (PMC) for multi-axes stepper motor applications. A CAN interface is provided.

PHYMOTION INTEGRATES THE FUNCTION OF A  PLC (I/O, communication interfaces like CAN, Ethernet, and more) with the driving performance of a CNC (linear / circular interpolation) for stepper motor applications. The actuator combines standard modules and expand axis with feedback or temperature evaluation. Two limit switches and one reference switch per axis are already included and is electrically isolated. It has an optional encoder (Endat/SSI) and temperature evaluation (Pt/K-element) per axis via sub modules. Its I/O modules are digital 8/8 and analogue 4/4. Its power stages up to 70 V, 5A, or more stages via external interface like CAN. The main- and intermediate supply module is 24 VDC to 70 VDC.
The product is available in a bench, rail, sub rack or wall mounting housing with different sizes (6, 8, 10, 21 slots as standard sizes). Furthermore the controller got an integrated touch panel and can be used for stepper motor driven multi-axis platforms in machine building, special engineering and plant automation.

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