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Multi-axis motion control module

The MACS5-AMP3 motion control module by Zub (Switzerland) is a multi-axis motion control solution designed for direct integration in small devices and tools. It combines a programmable control unit and three servo amplifiers in a compact housing and gives direct control of local and CANopen inputs and outputs.

THE DEVICE CAN BE USED as a stand-alone without the need for a PLC or PC. It is freely programmable and it can process even complex control tasks on its own. USB and CAN interfaces enable data exchange with PCs and PLCs, if required. One or more modules can also be part of a PLC network and act as a CiA 402 multi-axis CANopen or Ethercat slave device.
The module offers CANopen master/slave functionality, it interrupts reacting on inputs, position data, bus bits, timer, etc. Additionally, it features arithmetic and bit handling and conditional branches and loops.
The product and its internal servo amplifiers (max. 48 V, 4 A continuous, 10 A peak current) can position and synchronize up to three motors directly. It is possible to use different feedback signals simultaneously for each axis to achieve the most accurate positioning with automated slip compensation. There are direct encoder inputs for incremental encoders, SSI encoders, and Heidenhain glass scales.

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