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Rotary table system based on CiA 402

Intellidrives (USA) has developed a turnkey rotary table system using CiA 402 stepper motors by Copley Controls (USA). The system integrates motorized worm gear rotary actuators with two Stepnet-AC micro-stepping digital drives.

THE INTRODUCED RTLA ROTATION STAGE SERIES are constructed of anodized aluminum with a double row of preloaded bearings that allow for off-center loads in a reduced footprint and improved stiffness without compromising dynamic performance. Precise rotation is ensured by a ground and hardened worm gear. The rotary table features an angular speed up to 20 °/s. They are suitable for packaging, assembly, laboratory, medical, and manufacturing automation applications.

The drives measuring 146 mm x 119 mm x 55 mm run directly on 115/230 VAC. They operate stepper motors as brushless servomotors. The supported control modes include indexing, point-to-point, cam operation, and gearing. The CiA 402 drives deliver a 7-A peak current. They control two-phase stepper motors networked via CANopen and enable each drive to execute point-to-point moves with S-curve profiling. More complex profiles, defined by a series of position-velocity-time points, are executed using polynomial interpolation, for example for contouring tasks. The CANopen interface enables multiple steppers to be synchronized for coordinated multi-axis control.

The products from Copley Controls also function as stand-alone step motors drives, in addition to their CANopen multi-axis networking role. When used with a dedicated motion controller, the drives accept step-direction inputs, ±10-V commands and A/B quadrature encoder signals for electronic gearing. DeviceNet and an ASCII-based serial interface are provided optionally.