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Servo and stepper drives with CANopen

Copley Controls (USA) has announced the release of the Stepnet Plus family of 1-axis (SPM) and 2-axis (SP2), PCB-mounted modules. Offered as CANopen versions, the modules operate as a CANopen node using CiA 402 for motion control devices.

THE MODULES OPERATE FROM 14 VDC to 90 VDC. The drives are available in two continuous current ratings (5 A, 10 A). Supported modes include: Profile Position, Profile Velocity, Interpolated Position Mode (PVT), and Homing. All network management is accomplished with commands linked into the users’ application program. Distributed clocks enable synchronization of multi-axis systems and the drive configuration software incorporates diagnostics. The modules are designed for high-speed automation systems in semiconductor fabrication, industrial assembly, materials handling, test and measurement, laboratory automation and high performance general industrial applications.
An EIA-232 serial port provides a connection to the company’s CME2 software for commissioning, firmware upgrading, and saving configurations to flash memory.
With encoder feedback the 1-axis stepper can be operated as a brushless servo motor enabling ±10 V analog or digital PWM velocity or torque control in addition to CANopen. Direct position control from pulses in CW/CCW, Pulse/Dir, or Quad A/B encoder format works in either microstepping or servo modes. In the 2-axis stepper, servo mode allows ±10 V analog position/velocity/torque, and PWM velocity/torque control. Servo mode allows ±10 V analog or digital PWM control of position/velocity/torque. In microstepping mode, stepper command pulses and master encoder for camming or gearing is supported. Microstepping delivers a smooth, low-resonance performance. In servo mode, with encoder feedback, the stepper motors run quietly and can operate at higher speeds without stalling.
Drive power is transformer-isolated DC from regulated or unregulated power supplies. An AuxHV input is provided for “keep-alive” operation permitting the drive power stage to be completely powered down without losing position information, or communications with the control system.
Twelve high-speed digital inputs with programmable functions are provided for the 1-axis stepper, and a lower-speed input for a motor temperature switch. Twenty-three high-speed digital inputs with programmable functions are provided for the 2-axis stepper, and two low-speed inputs for motor temperature switches. For both steppers, an SLI (serial peripheral interface) function is supported by another high-speed input and four high-speed digital outputs. If not used for SLI, the input and outputs are programmable for other functions. Two open-drain Mosfet can drive loads powered up to 24 VDC
in the 1-axis stepper, three in the 2-axis stepper. The modules’ dimensions are 77 mm x 59 mm x 20 mm, or 114 mm x 73 mm x 20 mm respectively.

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