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Servo drives for up to 600 A

Elmo (Israel) will present its Eagle servo drives at the AUVSI exhibition dedicated for unmanned systems in Washington DC (USA). The CANopen-connectable products deliver 150 A, 300 A, or 600 A.

WITH THE CURRENT RATINGS UP TO 600 A and operating voltages ranging from 16 VDC to 96 VDC, the Gold Eagle family meets the requirements of applications such as unmanned vehicles, turrets and other systems that require repeated power bursts for relatively long time periods. To achieve these features, the provider has combined its proprietary power conversion technology together with an advanced pulse-width modulation (PWM) “follower” algorithm. This is the first time such high current has been achieved in such a small military-grade package, claims the company in its press release.

"By significantly increasing the Gold Eagle power and current rates for longer times while keeping the package super-compact and easy to integrate inside any system, Elmo is offering an outstanding servo drive that is not available anywhere else," John McLaughlin, the company’s US General Manager said. He added that the servo drives were created to directly answer customer needs.

At the AUVSI event, Elmo will also present complete motion solutions for a wide range of unmanned applications, bringing multiple benefits to systems like missile winglets and UAVs (unmanned aerial vehicle). Visitors will also be able to see the company's motion control solutions for applications with multiple integrated axes. Among Elmo’s products are military-grade multi-axis motion controllers that can control up to 100 servo axes in any motion scenario and are CANopen compatible.

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