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Servo drives with optional safety functions

Schneider Electric (France) has launched the Lexium 32 series comprising three servo drive models and two servo motors (0,15 kW to 7 kW). Two of the servo drives, the Lexium 32 Advanced and the Lexium 32 Modular, feature CANopen and CANmotion interfaces.

THE PRODUCTS PROVIDE A BANDWIDTH OF 1600 Hz and a power density of 548 W/l. This saves on cabinet space and size, reduces the machine footprint and decreases costs. With their integration software and the auto-tuning function, the devices offer features for rapid installation and maintenance. A software for configuring via the PC and transferring the configuration via Bluetooth or using a cable is available. The products support the CANopen application layer as well as the provider’s CANmotion protocol. The "Safe Torque Off" (IEC/EN 61800-5-2) function allows shorter downtimes and less wiring. The optional eSM safety module avoids developing proprietary safety concepts. Access to SS1, SS2, SOS and SLS safety functions is given (IEC/EN 61800-5-2).

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