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Two-finger parallel gripper with CAN

Schunk (Germany) has launched its WSG-32 gripper dedicated for handling small components. It provides optionally a CAN interface.

THE TWO-FINGER GRIPPER WAS ESPECIALLY designed for precision handling of small and medium-sized parts with a work-piece weight of up to 0,5 kg. Its fully covered guides allow for easy cleaning. It can be connected directly to CAN networks. Due to high jaw speeds that enable short cycle times, even with a long stroke, the product reaches gripping speeds of 400 mm/s.

Detection of gripped parts is already integrated into the gripper. In this way, gripping commands can be executed with optimized cycle times. The product features a gripping force of 5 N to 120 N. The sister product, WSG-50, is suitable for gripping forces up to 120 N. It can handle
work-piece weights up to 0,8 kg.

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