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Unit for brushless DC motors with CANopen

ERL Elektronik (Germany) released their Multidrive box for applications, that require several accurate and small drives. It comes with a CANopen interface.

THE PCSE80MD IS A UNIT FOR UP TO FOUR BRUSHLESS DC motors with CANopen interface. The electronics are housed in a book form sheet steel enclosure. The powder-coated housing is can be mount outside the cabinet directly at the machine frame. It reached protection class is IP54. With a size of 230 mm x 130 mm x 50 mm, it can be integrated user-friendly into the machine. The power of the connected motors can be up to 80 W continuous power. 24 VDC are used for logic and power voltage feed. On the motor a sensor board, with magnetic single-turn absolute encoder, is attached.
This provides the information for position and for commutation. The accurate is 4096 increments per revolution. All connections are pluggable. The motors are connected with one cable, which transmits power and encoder signals. To adjust the drives to the mechanics different gear are available. The software is the same as in all drives of the company. It is according to the CiA 402. The drives can be integrated into the machine control. The supplier also provides tools to setup the drives.

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ERL Elektronik


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