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Variable servo drives connect via CANopen

ESR Pollmeier (Germany) has launched a family of servo drives, the Servo Drives New Generation. The drives communicate, amongst others, via CAN and CANopen.

THE FAMILY OF DRIVES OFFERS DEVICES FOR AC servo motors, direct drives (torque motors, linear motors), and control cabinet installation with built-in power supply for direct connection to 230 VAC or 3×400/480 VAC. Communication happens via USB or CANopen, CAN, Ethercat, Modbus/TCP, or serial RS485, RS232 (e. g. Modbus RTU) according to CANopen profile CiA 402.

The drives also feature a two-channel, integrated safety system, eight digital inputs, four digital outputs, two additional analog inputs, and two analog outputs.
The design conforms to EMC requirements and a switching frequency 8 kHz or 16 kHz is selectable for dynamic characteristics and small motor power loss. The drives also offer dynamics and control quality through a signal processor for the digital control of current and speed (controller cycle time 62,5 µs), as well as an integrated position control loop (32-bit FP micro-controller, cycle time 1 ms), setting the target positions via communication interfaces or positioning control with 500 blocks.

Rapid acceleration, deceleration, and reversing of the motor by momentary current increase to up to three times the rated current is possible, as well as processor power for fast axis control and communication. A universal motor position sensor connector for resolver or absolute and incremental encoders with Hiperface, Endat, or Biss interface is also available.

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