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Control system and controller

Two CAN products for controlling

MRS Electronic (Germany) offers the Microplex control system with CAN interface and the CC16WP controller with two CAN interfaces as well as Isobus support. Both products have various application options.

The Microplex control system (Source: MRS Electronic)

The Microplex CAN control system measures 30,4 mm x 23,6 mm x 36,34 mm and is patented throughout Europe. The base of two Micro 280 relays and a drag-and-drop configuration tool can be used to build own CAN-capable power distribution systems. The product can generate a system with CAN communication from previously ISO 280 boxes, in which fuses and common relays are integrated most of the time. The CAN interface makes it possible to develop existing systems and with subsequent diagnosis capability. The control system can also be used as a single controller in a self-developed single socket.

It comes with four PWM-capable high-side driver outputs (can also be configured as analog or digital inputs), three analog or digital inputs which can be configured as frequency input or for negative encoder signals (pull-up resistance) or as power input (0 mA to 20 mA) per software. The CAN interface complies to ISO11898-5 and offers CAN wake-up function, which means incoming CAN frames wake up the module from standby mode. The product comes in an ISO 280 casing. Application options are light / lighting control, valve control, sensor evaluation, and motor control.

The CC16WP controller with Isobus (Source: MRS Electronic)

CAN controller with 32-bit processor

Another CAN product from MRS is the CC16WP, which is the company’s first AEF-certified controller. The 32-bit product is available with a 2 MiB flash memory. The controller is Isobus-capable and can be used for applications in agricultural technology. Users can implement programming options for agricultural applications as well as cache more data without storage space problems, explained the company.

With the hardware users can program Isobus functionality on the product and let the attachment communicate with the TECU (Tractor ECU – electronic control unit), UT (Universal Terminal), or other Isobus functions. With the two CAN interfaces the Isobus communication can be covered on the one hand and on the other hand further Isobus-independent components in a user’s implement can be controlled.

Applications in agricultural technology are for example motor control, lighting control, comfort control e.g. driver's seat, valve control, sensor processing, and Isobus communication.