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CANopen NMT master functionality

Beckhoff (Germany) has introduced the CX8050 PC-based controller, which provides CAN connectivity. It comes with CANopen master software, but can also be used for CAN layer-2 applications. It measures 65 mm x 100 mm x 80 mm.

The CX8050 embedded PC features a 400-MHz ARM-9 micro-controller running
Windows CE 6.0 (Photo: Beckhoff)

THE CX8050 EMBEDDED PC IS SUITABLE to connect CANopen slave devices, from valve terminals to drives, in small to medium-sized machine applications. Furthermore, it can be used as a gateway between Ethercat slave devices as well as devices with a CANopen slave, as well as for coupling of machine controllers to a higher-level Ethernet infrastructure.

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The PC can operate as a CANopen master and also as a CAN layer-2 controller supporting 11-bit or 29-bit identifiers. A simple CAN monitor is available for diagnostics. The embedded PC powered by a 400-MHz ARM processor comes with 64 MiB of RAM and a 256-MiB MicroSD card, which can be extended to 4 MiB. There is also an Ethernet 10/100-Mbit/s interface as well as a USB port (behind the front flap). The CAN interface is available at the 9-pin D-sub plug conforming to the CiA 303-1 specification with galvanic decoupling.

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