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Curtis Instruments (USA) has added the model 1232E to their Curtis AC series. It provides control of AC induction motors performing on-vehicle traction drive or hydraulic pump duties and offers functional safety.

The Model 1232E is CANopen compatible and can accommodate both 11-bit and 29-bit CAN protocols of various profiles (Photo: Curtis Instruments)

THE CURTIS ‘E’ SERIES OF CONTROLLERS utilize a dual-microprocessor logic core. According to the company improvements over the earlier model 1232 include eliminating the need for any additional safety/supervisory control modules. The product delivers so called best-in-class control of AC induction motors and is designed for use as the traction controller on class three materials handling ‘walkie’ vehicles and other small battery-powered industrial trucks. It is equally suitable as the pump controller for auxiliary hydraulic functions on larger industrial vehicles.

The product also features the Curtis VCL (Vehicle Control Language), which is a programming language that allows vehicle developers to write logic functions and create a ‘virtual system controller’. The Indirect Field Orientation (IFO) vector control algorithm generates the maximum possible torque and efficiency across the entire speed range, improved speed regulation and superior gradient climbing capability.

The Curtis Auto-Tune function enables characterization of the motor without having to remove it from the vehicle. According to the company the AC controllers are compatible with any brand of AC induction motor. Dual-drive functionality is standard, allowing correct control of applications featuring twin traction motors. A configurable CAN connection allows communication with other CAN enabled devices. The Model 1232E is CANopen compatible and can accommodate both 11-bit and 29-bit CAN protocols of various profiles.

The IP65-rated product also features an allocation of multi-function I/O pins for use as analog inputs, digital inputs, contactor coil drivers and proportional valve drivers. This controller is also capable of functioning as a full CAN system master, using VCL to map and configure the remote I/O available on other CAN devices, send messages to CAN displays and thus control and monitor the entire system. The module is available in 24 V 180 A, 24 V 250 A, 36 V to 48 V 200 A, and 48 V to 80 V 175 A versions.

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