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Programmable motor controller with CANopen

Nanotec (Germany) has introduced the motor controller C5 which was specifically designed for stepper motors in open loop control. Additionally the C5-E version of the controller, which provides a CANopen interface, is available.

The controller measures 88 mm x 56 mm x 22 mm and has an operating voltage of 12 VDC to 48 VDC (Photo: Nanotec)

WITH THE MOTOR CONTROLLER C5, sized Nema 17 to Nema 34, the company has developed a controller that can be parameterized and programmed via USB. The controller is suitable for simple applications that do not require an encoder but demand dynamic performance and smooth running, such as CNC dental milling machines. For more demanding closed loop applications, Nanotec offers the C5-E version, which is also Nema 17- to Nema 34-sized . It is equipped with a CANopen interface and an encoder input, and is designed for stepper motors and BLDC motors with a continuous output of up to 250 W.

It can be operated via clock-direction mode or through specification of the speed or position via the analog input. In addition, it supports application programs that are directly executed in the motor controller. Programs created in the C++ based programming language NanoJ (from the company) are executed in the motor controller as machine code. They are synchronized with the digital inputs and outputs via the real-time operating system in 1-ms cycles and with the instructions received via the field bus. Thus, the drive can be operated autonomously without a field bus connection to the PLC, such as for format adjustments or simple additional functions on machines.

A so called “innovative motor resonance suppression feature” via software-based current control ("dspDrive") means the product is particularly suitable for applications that require especially smooth-running, low-resonance stepper motors, such as those found in medical equipment, laboratory automation and optical devices.

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