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Servo inverter

Low-power ratings up to 5 kW

The B-Maxx 3300 from Baumueller (Germany) is a servo inverter designed for low power ratings from 0,75 kW to 5,0 kW. It is suitable for applications in the packaging and textile industries, small-scale robotics, or handling.

The product provides CANopen as a network option (Photo: Baumueller)

THE UNITS FEATURE INTEGRATED POSITION CONTROL and can be parameterized using the company’s hand-held terminal and provide field-oriented control for rotational accuracy. An electronic safety relay is implemented. An optional integrated security and a range of serial network options from Ethercat, CANopen up to Varan are also provided.

The unit is compatible with the B-Maxx 5000 servo controllers in terms of handling, communication, parameter structure, main functionality, and operation. The control of the product in connection with the servomotors of the company’s DSD series increases the clock speed of the application and therefore improves the production output of machines and systems. The chopping frequency of 16 kHz reduces noise emission and therefore relieves the burden on the environment.

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