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Embedded box computer

EN 50155 TX class railway standard

With the Railway Computer Compact 71, Syslogic (Germany) offers an embedded computer that has been developed solely for use in railway applications. The railway computer works without any moving parts.

(Photo: Syslogic)

THE COMPUTERS ARE BASED ON THE INTEL ATOM E6x0T processor technology and offer a range of interface options, among them two CAN ports. The railway computers are designed for an extended temperature range of between -40 °C to +85 °C, they are suitable for 24/7 continuous operation, fan-less, and equipped with a M12 plug, which is able to withstand strong vibrations. The railway computers are certified according to the EN 50155 TX class railway standard.

They offer a scalable CPU core, a hardware watchdog, temperature supervision, persistent Flash BIOS, and ESD-protection on all interfaces. The stainless steel housing allows for IP40 protection class. The computer measures 262 mm x 52 mm x 138 mm and weighs 1750 g.

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