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Dedicated for outdoor and J1939 applications

High Country Tek (USA) belonging to the Sun Hydraulics (USA) group, offers a range of CAN-connectable products featuring J1939 compatibility. The product range includes master controller, sub-controllers, and valve controllers.

The DVC710 master unit (right) and the EVC valve controller (left) features J1939 connectivity (Photos: HCT)

THE US COMPANY HAS DEVELOPED THE DVC710 master control module, which provides some local I/O ports. The programmable device provides a CAN interface running the company’s own higher-layer protocol (HCT bus) or the J1939 protocols. For programming unit and external displays a separate EIA 232 port is used.

Via the CAN interface the master module can communicate with the DVC7 sub-controller. It provides local generic inputs and outputs. The device comes as the members of the DVC series in an encapsulated enclosure to withstand harsh operating environments. It is classified for IP68 requirements.

The company also offers the EVC electronic valve controller featuring J1939 connectivity. It is suitable for proportional pressure or flow control valve drives (open-loop). The IP69K-rated device can be configured by means of an PC-based graphical user interface. The communication to the PC is done via the local USB port.

The HFS-J hydraulic fan controller comes in an IP68-rated housing. It controls proportionally or in on/off manner hydraulically driven fans. User settings are done via the J1939 interface. This includes two independent temperature zones. The device also provides two local inputs suitable for over-temperature, retarder, or air-conditioning switches.

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