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Sprayer controller

Retrofitting for precision farming

The Sprayer Controller MIDI from Mueller Elektronik (Germany) is an Isobus job computer for controlling crop sprayers. It is suitable for retrofitting and is an option if the user is just starting out in the world of precision farming.

(Photo: Mueller Elektronik)
The Sprayer Controller MIDI (Photo: Mueller Elektronik)

In the standard version of the product, the job computer provides automatic control and GPS-assisted switching of up to 9 boom sections. It also takes care of automatic boom height adjustment (distance control), spray mixture fill level measurement (tank control), and axle steering (trail control). Assistance systems also make it possible to work for longer periods while improving the quality of work, even at night or in poor visibility.

The Isobus technology enables machines to be operated by a manufacturer-independent terminal, which also meets the Isobus standard (ISO 11783). According to the company, the Isobus functionality makes control settings easier, reduces downtime, minimizes installation and interface problems, and makes tedious calibration procedures a thing of the past.