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Single board controller

Mechanical drop-in replacement

The P-Series Bear Bones Controllers from Divelbiss (USA) consists of open-board controllers, specialty function expanders, and I/O expanders. They provide control features in an open-board format that is suitable for machine control.

(Photo: Divelbiss)

"WE HAVE BEEN SUPPORTING THE ORIGINAL BEAR BONES CONTROLLER since 1980," said Terry Divelbiss, Company President. “How many of our competitors can claim 35 years of product support for an original product line?" The P-Series Bear Bones controller's footprint is identical to the original Bear Bones, making the P-Series Bear Bones a mechanical drop-in replacement. The product provides control features that include digital and analog I/Os, CAN network communication via J1939, and NMEA 2000, Modbus TCP over Ethernet, an LCD display, keypad and a real time clock. The product’s digital I/O capabilities may be expanded by plug-in I/O expanders. Each I/O expander provides another eight digital inputs and eight digital outputs and each is available with AC or DC I/O.

Up to 31 I/O expanders may be connected and addressed to one controller. Typical applications for the series include assembly lines, food processing, packaging, textile fabrication, water treatment, mining, material handling, machine control, remote location monitoring and control, as well as engine-driven pumps, compressors, and generators. The controllers are based on the second generation of PLC on a Chip, making the controllers easy to program using Divelbiss EZ Ladder Toolkit, a PC based software which supports ladder diagram, function block and structured text programming.

Bear Bones controllers

Bear Bones are open-board programmable logic controllers with up to 8 on-board inputs and 8 on-board outputs. EPROM based, the PLCs are programmed using the ICM-PR-05. They can control up to 128 inputs and 128 outputs total. The PLCs should be used as a replacement for existing product only. They are not recommended for new designs.

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