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For complex network applications

The ECUcore-1021 from SYS TEC Electronic (Germany) is a system-on-module that is especially suitable for the use in complex network applications. It comes with a range of interfaces and features CANopen.

The device features CANopen and offers two CAN interfaces (Photo: SYS TEC)

THE SYSTEM-ON-MODULE (SOM) offers a number of communication and I/O interfaces such as four CAN interfaces, USB 3.0, two PCIe, nine UART, two UCC interfaces, and more. All of these are combined on a single chip. This enables the customer to configure the chip and define the arrangement of the interfaces on the connector independently. The module can be used in a variety of application scenarios: from simple HMIs to complex network devices.

The SOM comes with a Dual-Core 1 GHz Central processing unit (CPU) and is based on Freescale Layerscape LS1021. The company says, compared to similar CPUs, the used processor provides high performance at comparatively lower power dissipation. It can be used at higher temperatures in industrial environment without active cooling. This reduces the needed board space and makes the module compact. The SMO also features communication protocols such as CANopen, Ethercat, Powerlink, Profinet, Profibus, and Modbus.

The components of the product were selected on the basis of their long-term availability. The Layerscape LS1021 CPU and other active components are listed on the Freescales product longevity program. This is why the SOM can form a basis for future developments.

To further increase the reliability of the module, the following diagnosis functions are integrated:

  • RTC (real-time clock)
  • Temperature monitoring
  • Firmware protection
  • A ADC
  • Window watchdog

The error-correcting code can be integrated as placement-option in series production, so the automatic error detection and correction is done by hardware. This makes the SMO particularly suitable for the use in applications with functional safety requirements.

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