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Box PC

CANopen and WLAN interfaces

The Uno-2272G by Advantech is a fanless industrial PC with footprint of 157 mm x 88 mm. It comes with an optional CANopen interface.

The fanless industrial PC features a dual-core Atom processor by Intel (Photo: Advantech)

THE HOST CONTROLLER CAN BE EQUIPPED with several interfaces including CANopen, different industrial Ethernet interfaces as well as WLAN. The Taiwanese manufacturer has developed the iDoors module concept to integrate Mini-PCI cards into its host controllers. The modules contain the different communication interfaces (e.g. from Hilscher), e.g. CANopen or digital I/O and counters, memory expansion, and serial interfaces.

The Box-PC has a choice of mounting options with both DIN-rail and Vesa mounting. In order to act as a gateway, the product is designed to communicate with manufacturing equipment and send data to cloud services. But before they do that the controller filters and aggregates the data and reduces the load on the cloud CPU. As gateway the product reduces latency by detecting and responding to issues before they happen and allows customers to capture data and get value from the sensors without needing to send data to the cloud.

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