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Single board computer

Enabling Internet of Things services

Eurotech (Italy) has announced the launch of the CPU-351-13, an ARM-based embedded platform. It enables machine-to-machine applications and Internet of Things services.

(Photo: Eurotech)

WITH A RANGE OF CONNECTIVITY OPTIONS, including pre-certified global cellular, WiFi, Bluetooth LE and Zig Bee, and support for Eurotech Device Cloud, the CPU-351-13 is a suitable platform for IoT/M2M applications. The multi-chemistry battery charger simplifies the design of portable and mobile devices, while the protected power in, CAN network, accelerometer and GPS make it suitable for transportation applications.

Designed to be employed in industrial and transportation applications, the single board computer board provides key features such as 6 VDC to 36 VDC protected power in, a CAN network with optional J1939 support, and an extended operating temperature. An additional benefit comes from the integrated smart power monitor, which can be used to keep the board within a user-defined power profile. Support for cellular communications is available both on board and through the external Eurotech Relia Cell adapter series, which provides pre-certified, worldwide coverage.

The product accelerates the development and deployment of IoT/M2M applications: it supports EDC, the company’s cloud for embedded devices. EDC is a complete offering consisting of open M2M protocols, cloud-based resources like databases and brokers, and Rest APIs. The device also supports ESF, Eurotech’s Java-based framework for embedded devices. With ESF it is possible to develop portable applications in a fraction of the time due to high level, industry specific APIs. The product is based on the Freescale i.MX 6 series applications processor that speeds up to 1,2 GHz and delivers performance with power efficiency and heat management. The platform can be used for applications such as retail kiosk displays, medical equipment, and control panels for fitness equipment.

“CPU-351-13 is an IoT building block that combines Freescale i.MX 6 series processor technology with Eurotech’s design expertise to give customers an application-ready embedded platform that makes it easy to exploit the full capability of the module,” said Alex Dopplinger, Industrial Business Development Manager, Freescale. “Eurotech has shown their commitment to enabling M2M/IoT applications and recently moved up as a Freescale Connect Proven Partner to work with us more closely in this space. We look forward to partnering with Eurotech to bring IoT-enabling embedded computing platforms and multi-service gateways to businesses of all sizes.”
With the Everyware Software Framework (ESF) or the Everyware Cloud Client loaded on the CPU-351-13, any device using this platform is Everyware Cloud-enabled and ready to be part of the Internet of Things. ESF also allows devices based on the product to be remotely managed for reduced operational costs.

“The latest single board computer from Eurotech exploits the features of the Freescale i.MX 6 series processor and is ESF and Everyware Cloud-ready, allowing customers to conceive and build devices that aggregate and analyze data to feed into cloud-based storage and analysis systems and create business intelligence quickly and easily,” said Larry Wall, CEO of Eurotech, Inc. “Our solutions are designed to speed time to market and empower businesses in many industries to set up valuable M2M and IoT applications and connect to the Internet of Things.”

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