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Single board computer

Control of a real time distribution system

The CPC108 from Fastwel (Russia) is an x86-compatible single board computer designed for fan-less operation in harsh environments. Two isolated CAN channels allow the control of a real time distributed system.

Two isolated CAN channels are provided (Photo: Fastwel)

KEY SYSTEM COMPONENTS, SUCH AS PROCESSOR, 256 MiB or 512 MiB of system memory, and 64 MiB solid-state disk are soldered on board, providing shock and vibration stability. System reliability and availability are ensured by two independent watchdog timers, reserved BIOS, and opto-isolated remote reset capability. The product measures 125 mm x 123 mm x 23 mm and offers a range of interfaces onboard, such as CAN, Ethernet, FDD/LPT, COM and USB, PS/2 mouse and keyboard, and an audio interface. Additionally, it provides video controller sharing with up to 60 MiB of memory with system support for CRT monitors with resolutions of up to 1920 pixel × 1440 pixel, and EL, TFT, and DSTN flat panels with resolutions of up to 1600 pixel × 1200 pixel. The supported color depth is 18-bit via the TFT interface, and 24-bit via the LVDS interface.

The board features two isolated CAN channels, allowing the control of a real time distributed system. CPC108 can serve either as a master module controlling two CAN network segments, or as a slave device in data acquisition and processing systems operating in industrial temperature range. The isolated CAN channels, graphics and audio ports, keyboard and mouse ports, as well as isolated reset are available through separately mounted interface expansion modules.

The unit consumes 5,5 W and does not require forced cooling. The low heat dissipation allows using the product in closed and hermetically sealed cabinets. It can operate either independently, or together with expansion modules connected via 16-bit ISA bus. Compatibility with many operating systems, such as Windows 2000, XP Embedded, CE, QNX 4.25, 6.3x, RTOS32, and Linux is provided.

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