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Integrated 2D/3D graphics processors

Adlink’s LEC-iMX6 is a Smarc computer-on-module with a choice between a Freescale i.MX6 ARM Cortex A9 Solo, Dual Lite, Dual, or Quad Core processor. It has two CAN interfaces.

The computer on module measures 82 mm x 50 mm (Photo: Adlink)

BESIDES THE CHOICE OF PROCESSORS, THE COMs offer integrated 2D/3D graphics processors, 3D 1080p video processing, power management, and on-board DDR3L/1067 system memory from 512 MiB to 2 GiB. The module supports up to 64 GiB eMMC, one SD/MMC and one SATA 3 Gbit/s port, and an operating temperature from -40 °C to +85 °C. Additional interfaces are two CAN, three I2C, one I2S, two SPI, four UART and two USB ports.

Smarc (smart mobility architecture) is a small form factor computer module targeting applications that require low power and high performance.
The modules use ARM SOCs similar or the same as those used in devices such as tablet computers and smartphones. Alternative low power SOCs and CPUs, such as tablet oriented X86 devices and other RISC CPUs, may be used as well. The module power envelope is typically under 6 W.

The modules can be used as building blocks for portable and stationary embedded systems. The core CPU and support circuits, including DRAM, boot flash, power sequencing, CPU power supplies, and a single channel LVDS display transmitter are united on the module. The modules are used with application-specific carrier boards that implement other features such as audio codecs, touch controllers, wireless devices, etc. According to the Taiwanese manufacturer, the modular approach allows scalability, fast time to market, and upgradability while still maintaining low costs, low power and small physical size.

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