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126 I/Os

Mobile automation

STW (Germany) offers the E6 programmable controller as a standard product. Based on the ESX-3XM combined with the extension board EB06, the controller offers 60 or 126 I/O channels.

The controllers have Tricore processors and 126 I/Os (Photo: STW)

THE ESX-3XM-E6 CONFIGURATIONOF THE ESX-3XM has already proven itself in the field and offers a selection of 60 I/Os. The ESX-3XL-2E6 even comes with 126 I/Os, with 48 power outputs with a combined continuous current of 135 A at the whole temperature range from -40 °C to +85 °C.

Both the ESX-3XM-E6 and the ESX-3XL-2E6 offer four CAN and one EIA-232 port. The four separate CAN interfaces provide bit-rates up to 1 Mbit/s. The controllers are programmable in ”C“ (high level API-library included) or with Codesys V3. They are qualified for the automotive, agricultural, and construction industries and are CE approved. The die-cast aluminum housing with a Goretex membrane for pressure equalization makes the controllers IP67 and IP69K. They are SIL-2 compliant.

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