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Gateway for CHP units and wind turbines

Gateways to the control system: CAN and Profibus interfaces make the PFC200 Telecontroller from Wago (Germany) suitable for the creation of virtual plants.

CAN, Profibus, EIA-232/EIA-458 as well as Dual-LAN are supported (Photo: Wago)

BESIDES THE SMALLEST PFC200 CONTROLLER (750-8202), the largest (750-8206) is now also available as a telecontrol variant. The 750-8206/025-001 telecontroller supports the telecontrol protocols IEC 60870-5-101, -103, and -104, IEC 61850, as well as IEC 61400-25, including Goose telegrams. The range of interfaces such as CAN, Profibus, EIA-232/EIA-458, and Dual-LAN make the controller suitable for a variety of different telecontrol tasks. However, the connection options for CAN and Profibus networks make the controller a suitable gateway between the control system and CHP (combined heat and power) units or wind turbines.

The telecontrollers have an extended temperature range from -20 °C to +60 °C. All regular Internet protocols, in addition to TCP/UDP/RTU, are available for communication with lower and higher level systems. The latest firmware update enables the telecontrollers to also support IPsec and OpenVPN.

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