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Panel PC

Individually configurable CAN port

The Panel PC 2100 and Automation PC 2100 from B&R are full-fledged PC systems in a compact housing. Equipped with Intel Atom processors, the systems offer scaled processing power up to Core i3 performance levels.

(Photo: B&R)

THE ATOM PROCESSORS THEMSELVES ARE AVAILABLE in five designs, from single- and dual-core all the way to quad-core processors, which makes the computing power of the PC 2100 scalable. At the upper range of performance, it even exceeds the performance of Core i3 chips. Regardless of the variant, the absence of fans or other rotating components means that no maintenance is required.

Fieldbus connections such as CAN can be individually configured through the use of interface modules, and compact MLC-based CFast cards with 60 GiB or more are available. Other standard features include two Gigabit Ethernet interfaces as well as one USB 2.0 and one USB 3.0 interface.

The graphics engine used by Intel Atom processors is derived from Core i technology and provides processing all the way up to Full HD. This is also the first time that support for DirectX 11 is provided in this segment, opening up more possibilities for enhanced graphic capabilities in Scada and other HMI systems.

The PC architecture is designed as a System-on-chip solution. Because this technology does away with additional components such as the chipset, it is able to reduce heat dissipation to a minimum and eliminate the need for extensive cooling systems. This way, the PC systems that can be operated with no fans whatsoever over a wide temperature range.

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