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Industrial computers

With Atom E3845 processors

Syslogic’s industrial computers, the Compact S and Compact M series, come with Atom E3845 processors and compact dimensions. They are well adapted for continuous operation under adverse conditions.

Embedded PC Compact S and Compact M with Bay Trail processors (Photo: Syslogic)

THE COMPACT M IS TWO-LEVELED, allowing room for an expansion card or additional interface while the Compact S offers the less expensive, single-board version. The industrial computers have no moving parts. The box computers are suitable for extended temperature ranges of -40 °C to +70 °C and can operate 24/7. Their stainless steel housing makes the box computers suitable for use in harsh industrial settings.
With their industrial 64-bit Atom E3845 processors, these industrial computers can master the balancing act between higher computational speed and lower power consumption because of the 1,91 GHz clock speed while using less than 10 W of power. The power intake of the processor produces little heat, which in turn has a positive effect on its lifespan and functional safety.

Versatile interfaces provide flexibility

The interface structure of the embedded computers can be individually configured. The PCs have two isolated CAN, USB, EIA-232 and EIA-422/485 interfaces; they can be equipped with up to three Ethercat-compatible Ethernet ports and can be expanded with WLAN, GPS, GSM, and Bluetooth modules. The embedded box computers also come with preinstalled embedded operating systems such as Windows Embedded 7, Windows Embedded 8 or Linux.

Florian Egger, sales manager at Syslogic, said: "We can deliver 20 years of shape, fit, and function upon request." Extended availability for products is already being considered in the development phase, according to Egger. The company uses processor platforms which are listed in an embedded roadmap guaranteeing availability for ten years or more. Syslogic assembles its CPU boards itself. The company has its own SMD assembly.

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