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Single board computer

Eliminating PCB-to-PCB connectors

The Phyboard-AM335x from Phytec is a single board computer. It is suited for the deployment in to cost-sensitive industrial applications.

The Phyboard-AM335x (Photo: Phytec)

THE COMPANY'S SINGLE BOARD COMPUTERS are off-the-shelf ARM solutions. At the heart of the Phyboard-AM335x is a Phycore-AM335x system-on-module (SOM), which is directly soldered onto the carrier board PCB (printed circuit board). The Direct Solder Connect technology eliminates PCB-to-PCB connectors. This reduces the overall system costs.

The product comes with CAN, Ethernet, EIA-232, USB, Micro SD, and expansion interfaces. Its power ranges from 5 V, 12 V, to 24 V.