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The British company PI Innovo provides rapid prototyping ECUs. Recently, the M670 has been introduced featuring four CAN interfaces.

The M760 is part of the Open-ECU family (Photo: Pi Innovo)

PI INNOVO WITH SUBSIDIARIES IN USA and China is focused on developing and manufacturing electronics for automotive, transportation, military, and mobile machines. “We have designed the M670 with customer firmly in mind,” explained Walter Lucking, CEO of PI Innovo. “This product builds upon and extends our well-proven Open-ECU architecture of modular, reusable ECU rapid prototyping technology.” It is based on the MPC5674F micro-controllers by Freescale and can be used for example for engine control of up to eight cylinders.

The product comes with four CAN interfaces supporting the base frame (11-bit) and the extended frame (29-bit) format. It is optimized for niche or low-volume applications, especially for self-propelled off-highway and off-road vehicles.
A total of 96 of 154 I/O ports can be modified to meet specific vehicle application requirements. Some inputs are dedicated for temperature, knock, and lambda sensors. There are also hall sensors for camshaft and crankshaft. The unit's software is adjustable to control a range of injectors.

As with all products of the Open-ECU family, the launched M670 provides a Simulink development environment. It can be used with calibration tools including ATI Vision, Inca by Etas, Control Desk by Dspace, and CANape by Vector. The supplier also offers its own Pi Snoop calibration tool.

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