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In-vehicle box PC

Preventing electrical transient damage

The tBOX313-835-FL in-vehicle box PC by Axiomtek comes with an onboard quad-core Intel Atom processor E3845 and 4 GiB DDR3L system memory. It features a vehicle-friendly power design to prevent electrical transient damage.

(Photo: Axiomtek)

THE IN-VEHICLE PC SUPPORTS AN isolated CAN network, COM, LAN, and DIO ports to enhance the system operation reliability in vehicle applications. Three PCI Express Mini card slots and two SIM card sockets offer expansion to 3G/4G connection, GPS tracking and navigation. The fan-less car PC is a solution for individual and public transportation such as transit bus, police car, taxi, and truck. The PC’s vehicle-friendly power design, which prevents electrical transient damage, is ISO-7637 certified.
“Axiomtek’s IP40-rated in-vehicle PC is designed-in with intelligent power manager for battery and system protection. Through setting up ignition and ACC delay time, users can prevent losing data and running out of battery while the vehicle is under on and off. Furthermore, OVP (overvoltage protection), and SCP (short circuit protection) protect the system against electrical faults and overvoltage. The embedded system can endure temperature range from -40 °C to +70 °C and can withstand vibration up to 3 grms (root-mean-square acceleration). Its isolated I/O ports, including CAN, DIO, and COM make the system a solution for onboard devices controller, fleet management, and surveillance,” said Jerry Huang, product manager of Product and Marketing Division at Axiomtek.

The Taiwanese company is designer and manufacturer of PC-based industrial computer products. The tBOX313-835-FL has been available since early June, 2015. The company provides IoT and M2M industrial systems for transportation, energy saving and utility, and automation fields.

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