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The Interlift’s foreshadow

Safeline (Sweden) has informed its business partners about upcoming products to be introduced at the Interlift 2015 tradeshow. The partners presented their new CANopen Lift products during the two-day partner meeting, too.

All emergency call and fire alarm products will be equipped step-by-step with Bluetooth interface (Photo: Safeline)

SAFELINE'S MANAGEMENT WAS PROUD of the annual business results: More than 30 000 units of its emergency call devices were sold as well as about 9000 displays. Many of these products are equipped with a CANopen Lift interface, which complies with the CiA 417 application profile. The next step will be to provide Bluetooth connectivity for maintenance purposes. This would allow linking smartphones and tablet computers running a diagnostic app.

The SL6+ will feature Bluetooth and CANopen Lift interfaces. The product will replace the SL6 emergency call devices, which can also be used as a fire alarm system. The first product supporting Bluetooth will be the MX3+ emergency alarm button, which will already be available at the Interlift 2015 in Augsburg. In addition, the provider, who has opened a subsidiary in Norway, will present a web-based configuration tool.

In the past, Safeline and its partners (e.g. HEC, Hisselektronik, Masora, Sodimas) used the lift controllers from Böhnke & Partner (Germany). But Schmersal has acquired this company, and will properly not renew the contract. Therefore, Safeline plans to develop its own hardware and software for controllers. The Swedish company invites their partners to participate in the “Thor project”, a non-profit project developing hardware and base software running under Linux, which they may license. “We need to be independent from external technology,” said Lars Gustafsson from Safeline. Elfin (Germany) is the first to support this project. Details will be discussed at the Interlift.

Elfin will present its Flexypage display with CANopen Lift and Internet connectivity at Interlift. Henning (Germany), another Safeline partner, is going to launch its Wear-watcher condition monitoring system. It is based on Beaglebone hardware and comes with an optional CANopen Lift module. This product will allow pro-active maintenance.

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