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EN 50155 certified and IP67-rated

Lanner has released the LVR-2010 railway box PC series. It is EN 50155 certified and comes with an Intel Atom E3845 processor and IP67-rated M12 connectors for a CAN interface.

(Photo: Lanner)

TODAY'S ROLLING STOCK SYSTEMS have transformed into a digitalized and networked age, where real-time communication and monitoring are demanded. However, not all computing systems are able to operate properly under the harsh environment of rolling stock applications, where external factors such as extreme temperatures, vibration, and significant amount of dust might be encountered.

Thus, Lanner offers its LVR-2010, a fan-less, power efficient railway controller PC with EN50155-compliant design, power efficient Intel Atom E3845 CPU, temperature support and I/O ports with rugged M12 connectors. LVR-2010 is a platform for rolling stock applications such as infotainment, transportation control, real-time monitoring, and communications.

The PC has been EN 50155 and MIL-STD-810G certified to offer multiple endurance standards against shock, vibration, humidity, and temperature from -40 °C to +70 ºC in order to ensure its reliability in mass transportation systems. To protect the box PC from potential dust and liquid splash, LVR-2010 is designed with IP-67 rated M12 connectors for a CAN interface, three COM interfaces, two USB interfaces, two LAN interfaces, video/audio, outputs and DC power input.

Since rolling stock systems require substantial computing power, the box PC features Intel Atom E3845 CPU to deliver the required processing ability in SoC (System-on-Chip) 4-core architecture. Together with DDR3L 1333 MHz 4 GiB memory and built-in security measure from Intel AES-NI, the platform provides security, power efficiency, and reliable computing performance.

Other useful features of the product include one Sata 2,5-inch HDD/SSD drive bay and one mSata socket for onboard storage, Intel integrated HD graphic engine for HDMI and VGA display in infotainment applications, CAN and COM interfaces for transportation control, as well as an onboard GPS/G sensor for mobile monitoring

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