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Control unit

For powder coating

With the Magic Control CM30 control unit from Gema (Switzerland), the functions of a complete powder coating system can be managed. The touch screen allows setting all coating parameters.

The device can be integrated into a control cabinet or remote column (Photo: Gema)

WITH THE CONTROL UNIT, ALL SYSTEM COMPONENTS, warnings, and error messages, as well as storage of application programs can be handled. The touchscreen interface, available in different dimensions, has so-called self-explanatory icons. Parameters can be viewed and edited for the entire coating system. According to the company, the self-explaining icons and operation messages allow an easy and user-friendly usage. Additionally, it provides a CAN network, which allows the data exchange between the hardware components and the control module CM30 controlling the powder coating system.

Magic Control offers functions for applications that require a high coating quality. Parameter settings can be individually adapted to a variety of powder types. The company says that the results are a constant coating quality and minimal powder consumption. The product is a fully programmable, PC-based master control for all system components including booth, guns, reciprocators, and powder supply system. It comes with a display up to 15-inch, and a TFT-color screen with touch-screen function.

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