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Interlift 2015

Insensitive to smoke, heat, and more

Securlift (Switzerland) are showing its Limax shaft positioning system at the Interlift 2015 fair, in hall 2 / booth 2222. The system is connected to the Secur 3 controller via CAN.

The magnetic band placed vertically in the shaft can be fixed to the shaft (Photo: Securlift)
The Secur 3 and its keypad (Photo: Securlift)

LIMAX IS A SHAFT POSITIONING SYSTEM with an accuracy of 1 mm for speed up to 10 m/s and shafts of 260 m. The principle of magnetic measurement ensures robustness of the system and makes it insensitive to smoke, heat, humidity, and dust. The integration with the company’s Secur 3 controller through the CAN network enables installation and utilization. Individual floors can be set from the Secur 3 keypad from the landing or on top of the lift car. Securlift is showing the product at the Interlift 2015 which takes place from October 13 to 16 in Augsburg, Germany.

The Limax absolute positioning can be used for the following applications: Elevators for fireman or in demanding environments (smoke and humidity), elevators at high speeds or which require a high precision, any type of installation where users do not want to use floor or deceleration magnets, immediate position recognition after power failure, as well as for direct drive. According to the company, the assembling can be done by experts in less than one hour. The magnetic band placed vertically in the shaft can be fixed to the shaft, fixed in the head and with a spring in the pit or on the guides with special fixing.

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