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Agritechnica 2015

Controller with CANopen and J1939 support

At Agritechnica, Maximatecc showcases Cross Fire SX I/O controller. With its options for software programming, it offers OEMs and system developers an open platform for design of safe machine control systems.

(Photo: Maximatecc)

THE CONTROLLER IS BASED ON A ARM Cortex R4 Safety CPU, enabling implementation of safety functionality. The result is a controller, meeting ISO 13849 PL d and IEC61131 SIL2 safety requirements. According to the company the controller is available at the cost of a “non-safe” controller. It provides CANopen Safety and a set of safety features that make it possible for system developers to implement safety functions. The controller features three CAN interfaces supporting either CANopen or SAE J1939.

The product comes with 16 inputs and 16 outputs, all configurable in terms of I/O type. Inputs support Digital, Current, Frequency, and Voltage on different levels. The outputs support High and Low Current outputs, PWM, PWMi (Pulse Width Modulated Inverter), Digital HS/LS, and H-bridge. The controller is freely programmable in either C or Codesys.

The Agritechnica takes place from 08 to 14 November in Hanover, Germany.