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Interlift 2015

Lift controller with CANopen interface

At the Interlift, Smartlift, which is part of Sistel (Spain) presents its Platinum CAN controller. They also showcase their IDSS system which includes the mentioned lift controller.

The Platinum CAN conroller (Photo: Sistel)

THE COMPANY'S CONTROLLER IS SUITABLE for all kind of lifts until 132 stops and 6 m/s. It has the format of a credit card, and it contains an MCU ARM Cortex-R of last generation, its hardware fulfills with ISO 61508 and ISO 26262. It provides three independent communication channels: CANopen, Ethernet, and Bluetooth for the programming. It contains the software that is necessary for the control of different lift technologies and it’s automatically customized for the client’s application because it’s placed over the interface board. The interface electronic boards of the controller with the travelling cable, the installation of external buttons, and the security series, are developed under client specification.

The company’s IDSS system (Photo: Sistel)

The company also presents their IDSS system at the Interlift in Augsburg, Germany, which takes place from October 13 to 16. The system includes the above mentioned lift controller, a frequency converter, codifier of boost and the brake control in one electronic board installed on the machine itself. All the system is controlled via a CAN network. The company says, the product’s main characteristics are: the cost savings, the practically elimination of electronic noise (EMC), and its automatic rescue capacity in case of failure network.