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Control system

Suitable for mobile machines

The increasing complexity of mobile machinery results in growing demands of I/O controllers. In accordance with those market requirements B-Plus (Germany) developed the b-CAN-Cube-Mini.

(Photo: B-Plus)

THIS CONTROL SYSTEM IS BASED ON A 32-bit µ-controller with two CAN interfaces and eleven full-parameterized in-and outputs. The advantages are the evaluation of analog/digital inputs, high-side and low-side, the support of PWM active ABS sensors (7/14 mA) and the evaluation of the tachograph-speed signal. Each of this outputs can be loaded with maximum four A and can be parameterized individually. For covering the different areas of mobile automation, the product offers more freely selectable possibilities of communication. You can operate it as CAN in- or output module or as CANopen slave according to CiA 401 or also as a freely parameterized communication according SAE J1939 with overlaid controls. It can also be used as an independent controller, which can be freely programmed in C language.

To ensure efficiency in rough environmental conditions, the aluminum housing provides operation in the temperature range of -40 °C to +85 °C. In order to meet market requirements, the control system has an E13 approval for the permanent use in vehicles. The assembly is made with relay bases that are especially suited for special vehicle manufacturing, agriculture, forestry, and construction machinery industry. The complete development environment fits in well with the b-plus tools, like Gira Bite for flashing the software and USBTucan as a USB-CAN gateway for coding.

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