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Programmable in IEC 61131-3

Combining hardware and software

Logicals (Austria) and Microcontrol (Germany) have announced an expansion of their portfolios, PLC programming respectively hardware.

Cooperation agreed between Logicals and Micro Control (Photo: Microcontrol)

STARTING IN 2016 AND BASED ON the announced partnership, Microcontrol offers for its in C/C++ programmable Automation Controller µMIC.200 another programming option. Featuring logi.CAD3 of logi.cals, the user gets an IEC 61131-3 compliant programming tool. It provides an ST (structured text) editor as well as an FDB (function block diagram) editor. The programming environment also features code snippets in source code and a context-related content assistance.

The offered host controller is equipped with a 1-GHz ARM processor running the Linux real-time operating system. It provides two galvanic isolated CAN interfaces and two Ethernet ports. The product feature a CANopen NMT master/slave protocol stack. The control unit provides a 256-MiB RAM as well as a 4-GiB flash memory. The maximum power consumption is 3 W according to the manufacturer.

The Austrian company benefits from Microcontrol's experience in communication technology ― in particular in the field of CAN and CANopen systems. Clients of logi.cals have now access to Micro Control's range of CANopen and SAE J1939 protocol stacks.