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Embedded World 2016

CAN computers for industrial automation

With the CAN computer Compact SL 8, Syslogic is specifically setting its aim on automation companies. The devices are particularly suitable as control computers or protocol converters in industrial automation.

The Compact SL 8 (Photo: Syslogic)

SYSLOGIC (GERMANY) IS EXPANDING ITS PORTFOLIO of industrial computers to include industrial automation. Only at the end of last year they presented the control computer Compact M. Now the company is adding a CAN computer that builds on the industrial computer Compact SL 8. Raphael Binder, Product Manager at Syslogic, says: "In the automation industry, CAN is still one of the most common bus systems." Accordingly, Syslogic has already received several orders for the new device, says Binder.

The CAN computer has a CAN and COM interface instead of the two COM interfaces of the standard device. It supports the 11-bit identifier and 29-bit identifier according to ISO 11898-2 or ISO 11898-3. In addition, the computer comes with a rugged industrial design. The CAN interfaces are galvanically isolated, which protects the computers.

For many customers, an important criterion is also the controller that is used in the Compact SL 8. The controller from the Darmstadt-based company Peak System supports both 32-bit as well as 64-bit operating systems and is compatible with the CAN controller SJA1000. In this way, Syslogic ensures a long-term system connection.

No CAN control without the matching driver

In addition to industry-adapted hardware, Syslogic also provides pre-compiled drivers. Raphael Binder says: "We offer socket CAN and LIN for Linux as well as CANopen packages from Peak for Windows." What's more, additional packages such as CAN Festival or CAN Node can also be installed, says Binder. Advanced protocols such as CANopen are supported by these additional packages.

In addition to the CAN connection, the Compact SL 8 computers are equipped with two Ethernet and four USB interfaces. Optionally, another CAN interface as well as EIA-232, EIA-485, LTE, GSM, UMTS, and WLAN can be supplemented via a mini-PCI express board. Thanks to their industrial processor platforms, the devices have a low power consumption and are passively cooled. In addition, Syslogic guarantees a service life of at least ten years.

Due to the quad core processor from the Intel Atom E3845 series, the CAN computer masters demanding control tasks and their visualization. The first devices in field application will be used as control computers for machines or as protocol converters for an Ethercat control. Another application field is their use in vehicles or mobile machines.

The company will present its products at the Embedded World 2016. The exhibition takes place in Nuremberg, Germany from February 23 to 25, 2016.

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