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Baseboard becomes mini computer

The Aclavis CoM Baseboard TX-Original can become a mini computer in combination with Glyn’s TX CoM modules. The baseboard comes with CAN, EIA-485, and PCIe.

The interfaces of the baseboard (Photo: Glyn)

The Aclavis CoM Baseboard TX-Original is a ready-to-use baseboard for building applications, based on the TX embedded processor boards. The baseboard serves as a match for Glyn’s TFT Family Concept display series from 3,5 inch up to 7 inch. In combination with Ka-Ro TX CoM modules, the board becomes a mini computer. It can be combined with all CoM modules of the TX series. The baseboard needs a 5 VDC power supply, has an operating temperature of -40 °C to +85 °C, and measures 100 mm x 65 mm. Because of the board’s size, it can also be attached to a 7-inch TFT panel to create a complete panel PC solution.

Available interfaces, apart from CAN, EIA-485, and PCIe, are USB, mini USB, SD-card, and Ethernet. Besides these ports, the board possesses an Arduino-compatible breadboard, which lets the user connect shields.

About Glyn

Glyn was founded in 1980 in Germany. The company offers application support, specialist technical counseling, seminars, in-house developed MCU starter kits, programming service, and more. Its target markets are industrial electronics, measuring and control technology, drive engineering, medical engineering, telecommunications, and automotive. At the moment, the company has 17 offices in 14 countries with 170 employees.


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