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Bauma 2016

Small gateways and control units

Just measuring 30 mm x 30 mm x 50 mm, the Micro Gateway features CAN and LIN connectivity. Optionally, the product comes with CANopen software.

The Micro Gateway (Photo: MRS Electronic)

Last year, MRS Electronic (Germany) with roots back to 1971 has introduced the Micro Gateway. The CANopen-side is graphically programmable by means of the MRS Developers Studio or for more complex functions in C-language. The LIN 2.1 interface is only programmable in C. The gateway provides additionally an analog input accessible from CANopen. The CAN interface complies with ISO 11898-5 (low-power mode transceiver). The product is also available as CAN bridge device comprising two CAN ports. It is possible to filter CAN messages, so that not all frames are forwarded to the other CAN interface.

The German company also offers the Micro PLC CAN LIN coming with two analog inputs and one tri-state output. It provides also three digital inputs and one relay output. The control unit is tested and approved according to UN/ECE regulations 10.

MRS Electronic has partners in Italy (Tritechnica), Netherlands (Bram engineering), Nordic countries (Mobile Integrator), and Switzerland (Höger Tech). They act as system integrators. The offered products are dedicated for mobile machines including off-road and off-highway vehicles. Typical examples include construction, forestry, and agriculture equipment. At Bauma 2016, the German company exhibits in hall A3 on booth 415.


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