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Control for marine generators

Fischer Panda asynchronous generators for boats and vehicles can now be fitted with the xControl generator control. The control features a J1939 communication interface.

The xControl is available for both marine and vehicle generators (Photo: Fischer Panda)

In the age of modern data communication and energy systems it should be possible to include the power generator into existing control and regulation systems. With their xControl, Fischer Panda provides a control for their asynchronous generators with fixed speed, which have been on the market for more than 25 years. xControl offers a J1939 communication interface. The whole package is completed by a control interface and different configuration possibilities including error memory.

This control is available for all generators in the 6-kW to 12-kW performance class; the 15-kW to 25-kW performance class is almost ready for series production. The operator can switch between various languages on the operating panel and receives current status information about the generator. Via an optional communication interface, such messages can be transferred to another information system by means of the J1939 protocol.

Further settings are available in the service menu in the event of a failure or during servicing. The operator panel and other devices such as fuel pump, emergency stop, additional pumps, switches, and additional remote control panels can be connected to the generator.

About Fischer Panda

The company is based in Paderborn, Germany and is a manufacturer of diesel generators, hybrid, and drive systems for mobile, marine, and vehicle applications. The Fischer Panda team includes more than 400 technicians and salesmen in over 70 countries.


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