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Slave unit

20 I/Os and no programming

The 38 CANopen Slave M1 by Epec (Finland) is a control unit for a CAN-based control system. The device complies with CiA 401 and has 20 controllable I/Os.

The slave unit measures 147 mm x 63 mm x 53 mm (Photo: Epec)

The product is one of the smaller control units available for embedded control systems, yet offers 20 controllable I/Os. It complies with the CiA 401 CANopen device profile. 38 CANopen Slave M1 is designed specially for mobile machines operating in difficult and demanding conditions. It has the same waterproof and compact construction as all Epec control units to endure tough environmental conditions in mines, dusty construction sites, and cold and wet conditions.

With its aluminum housing and protection class IP67 (dust and water proof) together with endurance against shock and vibrations, the Epec slave unit is a solution for mobile machines and vehicles to be used for example as an expansion unit for control systems. The slave unit is connected to the master control unit via a CAN network.

Users don’t have to do any programming work for the slave unit since it is controlled by a master unit. Therefore, the control unit is a suitable block for creating embedded control systems or to expand the I/Os of an active control unit. The I/O pins of the slave unit are controlled by the master units’ commands and operations. The slave unit operates in a temperature range of -40 °C to +70 °C and has a weight of 0,5 kg. Its robustness and snap-in AMP connectors also enable flexible mounting, says the company.


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