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Crane control system

The xCrane crane control system by Kronos (Finland) controls a crane and trailer functions regardless of the hydraulic solution or crane type. The system is connected with the tractor via J1939.

xCrane can be connected with the tractor via J1939 (Photo: Kronos)

The crane control system is a solution for new cranes or a retro fit for existing cranes. According to the company, the system is user friendly and the logical user interface is quick to learn and use. It is compatible with a range of joysticks. A self-diagnostics tool enables the minimization of downtime. System features can be upgraded through an USB memory stick. The system is suitable for harsh field conditions and can be customized. Customization options are for example: seat switch and door switch, different joystick types, oil temperature and pressure measurement, and compatibility with wireless remote controller.

In the tractor-based installation, xCrane can be integrated with tractor interaction via J1939. The Trailer 4WD adapts with the tractor direction and engages and disengages automatically. 4WD is automatically disengaged when speed is too high. The system also comes with the ability to steer the tractor using joysticks.

The regular system comes with a 3,2-inch color display and supports up to 16 hydraulic movements and up to 36 outputs in total. Speed, ramp, and progression adjustments for each movement are available. Additionally joystick calibration, filtering, and deadband are provided as well as a working hours counter. The interactive floating activation enhances safety. The system has the ability to float the crane during trailer transportation.


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