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Motion controller

Control of 32 interpolated axes

Robox (Italy) offers a motion controller that is able to control up to 32 interpolated axes driven through CANopen or Ethercat.

The RP-1 measures 100 mm x 123 mm x 96 mm and weighs 0,5 kg (Photo: Robox)

The RP-1 motion controller has a Freescale Power PC MPC5200 microprocessor (400 MHz). It controls up to 32 interpolated axes, driven through Ethercat or CANopen. The controller comes with 60 MiB compact flash memory (expandable), 64 MiB DRAM, and 128 KiB retentive RAM with battery back-up for parameters and alarm history storage.

Apart from 2 CAN channels (CiA 301, CiA 401, CiA 402, Devicenet, Robox Cnet) to interface servo drives and remote I/Os, the motion controller also includes 1 general purpose EiA-232 serial channel, 1 general purpose EIA-422/485 serial channel, 2 Ethernet channels (10/100 Mbit/s), 1 Profibus DP slave channel, master bus Axioline for communication with Axioline peripherals, and O.P.C. Server and ActiveX are available for communication in Windows environment. The CANopen interfaces allow communication with remote devices. As a master, the controller can handle drives with CiA 402 protocol (position, speed and torque control are available) and remote I/Os with the CiA 301 protocol. As a slave, it can be interfaced through the Devicenet protocol.

The motion controller is ROS-compliant, has intrinsic safety watch dog relay and a real-time clock calendar, enables display monitoring of the CPU status, and remote service. It needs a power supply of 24 VDC, 15 W. Vertical or horizontal mounting is possible in a 35 mm DIN guide in accordance with the EN 60715 standard. The controller can be applied in a variety of fields: robotics, paper industry, glass industry, marble industry, wood industry, food industry, packaging, textile industry, fibre optic handling, printing machines, etc.

The real time operating system RTE is installed on the RP-1 to ensure that different tasks are executed with the correct timing and priority. Tasks can be written in structured text language or ladder through the RDE (Robox Development Environment) tool. RDE allows to write, compile, and debug the application software. It permits to evaluate and simulate the behavior of the controlled machine and allows to describe the controlled machine in a graphical form configuring the axes, the powersets, Object block, and the geometrical structures of the robots.


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