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Wind Energy 2016

Brake control system with CANopen

Component and system manufacturer Ringspann will present the brake control system BCS 600 at the WindEnergy Hamburg. The system is integrated into higher-level infrastructures via CANopen.

The BCS 600 enables controlled braking with a pre-set braking distance, deceleration, and braking time (Photo: Ringspann)

Ringspann (Germany) offers the brake control system BCS 600 for all its hydraulically activated and hydraulically released brakes. This control system performs not only complex braking processes (time, distance, deceleration), but also assumes safety and monitoring functions. It consists of an electronic control and regulation unit with controller, I/O system, web interface, and touchscreen as well as a complete hydraulic aggregate. The BCS 600 also controls and monitors several brake systems at the same time, can be remote-maintained via the Internet (optional), and can be integrated into higher-level infrastructures via CANopen, Ethercat, or Profibus.

The brake control system enables a fast reduction of the gap between disc and brake pad. It monitors the rotational speed, hydraulic pressure, oil temperature, and rotational direction continuously and can operate as a stand alone braking system. The system performs periodically a light braking to clean the brake disc and shows a graphical visualization of the braking process in real time. The redundant installation of a second braking system is possible (one supports the other if necessary), as is the retrofit or upgrade of outdated braking systems.

Critical overload situations, once-in-a-century meteorological events and sudden emergency stops – modern wind power plants have to be prepared for extreme cases. Their development and design engineering therefore follows special rules and strict criteria. Component and system manufacturer Ringspann has these requirements in mind when presenting its high-performance brakes at WindEnergy Hamburg from September 27 to 30, 2016. The company can be found in hall B7 at stand 225.