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MSC Technologies (Germany) has introduced its Smarc 2.0 module and Mini-ITX carrier board, as well as a Smarc 2.0 starter kit. The module comes with a CAN interface.

The Smarc 2.0 starter kit (Photo: MSC)

MSC Technologies announced the general availability of engineering samples of its Smarc 2.0 module. It is based on the quad-core, dual-core, and single-core ARM i.MX6 from NXP. MSC also introduced a suitable evaluation and application carrier board in Mini-ITX format. Both products conform to the Smarc 2.0 specification, which has recently been published by SGeT (Standardization Group for embedded Technologies). For the evaluation of the Smarc 2.0 technology, MSC is now introducing the Smarc 2.0 starter kit. It contains a complete platform with power supply, cables, and cooling, and can be completed with the Smarc 2.0 module of choice and optionally a TFT Kit.

The Smarc 2.0 module MSC SM2S-IMX6 features an NXP i.MX6 processor, which can be chosen from i.MX6 Quad Plus, Quad, Dual Plus, Dual, Dual Lite, or Solo. Along with up to 4 GiB DRAM ,the module can provide up to 64 GiB eMMC Flash for program and data storage, and a Micro-SD card socket for storage extension. Besides the Full-HD capable graphics interfaces HDMI and LVDS, the module comes with useful functions such as CAN, Gigabit LAN, PCIe, SATA-II, audio, and a number of embedded interfaces such as I2C, SPI, and UARTs. The module’s dimensions are 82 mm x 50 mm, which represents the short version of the two possible Smarc form factors. The full industrial temperature range can be covered.

The carrier board MSC SM2-MB-EP1 in Mini-ITX format (170 mm x 170 mm) gives access to most features of the Smarc 2.0 standard and accepts both full-size and short-size modules. It is prepared for modules based on ARM or x86 processors and can be set to implement relevant features accordingly: DVI/HDMI or Display Port, LVDS or eDP, and HD Audio or I2S Audio. Up to two LAN connectors are provided, and several USB host ports and a host/client interface are available. A PCI Express Mini Card slot and an mSATA slot for add-on cards are provided to enhance usability. A MIPI CSI-2 port is available to connect to external cameras, and DVI and LVDS interfaces allow dual-independent graphics output for which the board also provides full backlight control.


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