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Universal ECUs

For small productions and development

Vector Controllers (VC) are universally usable ECUs for gateways and I/O controls. They are suited for fast development of functional models and use in small production runs.

VC121 after its successful qualification (Photo: Vector)

Vector’s (Germany) VC ECUs cover a range of use cases: In combination with the Vector Embedded Software Portfolio and firmware, applications can be realized for a range of vehicle architectures. Accessories include the Breakout Box, which enables access to all pins of the ECUs for measurement and testing purposes, and the JTAG adapter, which allows connection of debuggers or programming tools and enables connection of the VX1000 measurement and calibration hardware for high-performance ECU connection. A connector set is also available for assembling a customized cable set. With the VC platform, customers get a complete solution from a single source: production-capable ECUs, development tools, and support for project implementation.

The architecture of the VC121-12 includes CAN FD communication (Photo: Vector)

The VC121-12, which is part of the VC family, offers communication with six CAN, two x LIN, Flexray, and Broad R-Reach ports. Supported are the CAN protocols ISO 11898 (Classical CAN), J1939, ISO 11783 (Isobus), and CANopen; also supported is the XCP measurement and calibration protocol. The controller also includes a 32-bit dual-core Power PC with 120 MHz and additional Safety CPU, diagnosable I/Os, power management with power-up/shutdown, sleep, and wake-up modes. It is qualified for in-vehicle and production usage. The VC54S-12, the VC36-12, and the VC18-12 also have six CAN ports, and the VC54I-12 three.


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