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Motion control

The power to move

With PMC Primo MC, Pilz presents a stand-alone motion control solution. With a 1,3 GHz processor, it provides the performance needed for higher productivity and process quality.

The PMCprimo can be used in complex plant and machinery thanks to its increased performance (Photo: Pilz)

Thanks to its increased performance, the scalable motion control solution can be used in more complex plant and machinery. On the one hand, larger programs can now be implemented with the same cycle time, while on the other hand, shorter cycle times are possible with the same program size. With its extra performance, the solution not only provides higher plant productivity but also greater process quality. Thanks to Soft PLC in accordance with EN/IEC 61131, the control system also enables rapid commissioning.

The solution supports various communication interfaces such as CANopen, Modbus TCP, and Profibus DP-S. The motion control system has three encoder inputs for absolute or incremental encoders. This enables the implementation of a master encoder function and position control. A USB interface is available for data backup. As a result it is possible to use the system in a range of automation environments, making it a flexible motion control solution. With 16 digital inputs and outputs, the stand-alone control system has I/O interfaces onboard for a number of applications.

The control systems PMC Primo offer PLC and motion technology. The devices undertake plant automation, including management of all movements for a large number of physically separate but synchronously controlled servo axes. Complete applications can be implemented in all drive environments, such as pick and place applications, which comprise the control functions of a PLC with motion control functions.


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